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  • EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley for Lifting Heavy Weight, 300 Kg Capacity, Blue Colour, 5 Inch wheel

    SKU: EPT - 3002
The Load Capacity of the product is 300 Kg with a wide Platform of size 60 cm*90 cm. The Platform is made of light weight high density Poly Polypropylene (PP) material for heavy weight lifting while the Handles are made of Chromed Steel. It is mounted on 2 swivel & 2 fixed (5 inch) airless Castor wheels. The product require to assembled by fixing all 4 wheels to the Platform.
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Product Description

  • FOLDING DESIGN: Opens and Closes in seconds, easier storage and transportation. Ideal for use in warehouses, receiving docks, distribution facilities and manufacturing plants.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: The Platform is made of light weight high density Poly Propylene (PP) material for heavy weight lifting while the Handles are made of Chromed Steel
  • EAST TO STORE: Compact, Foldable & easily fits in any corner of your Home/Office/Warehouse/ Lifts & Elevators
  • Mounted on 2 swivel & 2 fixed 125 mm (5 inch) airless Castor wheels.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT. Quiet, rolling wheels: Cart Platform Contains 4 rolling wheels that provide stability and simple mobility, can be taken and stored anywhere

Place heavy packages on this platform trolley and move them without the hassle. Designed with a spacious platform, it saves you from making multiple trips by transferring up to 300 kg of cargo at once! Four swivel wheels also make it easy to roll and steer, and a non-slip surface helps to keep items stable.

EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley
EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley


Are you tired of big, clunky carts that take up precious space? That’s why we designed a functional platform trolley that can be tucked away for easy storage, but ready and available for when you need it. Simply fold down the padded handle in seconds to lay flush on the platform and your cart is ready to stowaway whenever, wherever.

EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley


We want you to be able to handle your materials and items with confidence. That’s why we’ve engineered a platform trolley that can hold up to 300kg. The custom support guard ensures items won’t slip backwards and arrive safely to where they need to be.

EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley


This four wheel platform push cart is built for easy manoeuvrability and maximum stability. The four secure, heavy duty wheels offer seamless and reliable transportation for your items and materials. And for sharp angles and getting around corners, the two back wheels are engineered with 360-degree swivel functionality for easy transit.

EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley


EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley has a high-quality platform, designed to transport multiple packages at once, so you won't have to make extra trips.

Product Specifications

300 kg
Platform size
60 x 90 cm
Item weight
14.0 kg
Wheel size

No. of Wheels
Platform Material
High density poly propylene(PP)
Handle material
Stainless steel

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars based on 214 reviews


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"Products is really good"

by NIRAV SHAH on 06-Oct-2021
Products is really good

"Made the loading unloading task quick and easy"

by Vasu Khanna on 02-Oct-2021
Really useful product, made the loading and unloading task very easy. Can handle a lot of weight. All four wheels should be rotating, whereas only front 2 wheels can rotate

"Good quality product"

by Akmal on 29-Sep-2021
I use it for stock transfer

"Very good, review after several months of usage. No doubt perfect quality and sturdy"

by Parameswara Reddy B on 24-Sep-2021
Very good, review after several months of usage. No doubt perfect quality and sturdy

"good product"

by SANJAY VOHRA on 02-Sep-2021
very easy to move around

"Wrong combination delivered, ordered for 500kg capacity but recieved some components of 300kg"

by Harihar Krishnan on 01-Sep-2021
Product is not performing as per spec described, ordered for 500kg capacity and recieved product is working only for 300kg. Also product description weight and actual weight are not matching. Some components are mismatch.

"It does the Job of Transportation"

by POPO on 30-Aug-2021
It does the job as described . So far the wheels are working fine . As per the weight of the item it appears to have good strength, Plastic Quality also looks good. Not an heavy user So I may review it again later on if some issues arise. Till then I am happy with the Product.

"Good platform trolley for domestic purpose"

by dr manjunath g n on 28-Aug-2021
It is made of quite good material.strond , sturdy.wheels are good and a hand rail is fine . You can easily control the direction of trail .

"Nice product"

by MOHAN RAGHAV on 25-Aug-2021
Best use for any material movement easy to use.


by Shafeeq Arakkandiyil on 21-Aug-2021
When i kept 200kg platform bending in center

"Needed spare wheels of 500kg"

by shiva on 20-Aug-2021
Nice product ...bought 2 trollies but within 2 months middle wheel got damaged.... needed wheels of it (500kgs )..

"Nice product"

by RISHABH on 19-Aug-2021

"Good piece"

by Francis Menezes on 15-Aug-2021
Easy to assemble for people with a little machanical knowledge. Quite steady, movement would hv been better with all 4 wheels rotatable. Some plastic used on covers is flimsy n can easily damage on transportation.

"BEST *****"

by GIRISH on 06-Aug-2021

"Best carrier trolly"

by Subhankar Debbarma on 21-Jul-2021
Very easy to install.I mean to say only you have to install the four wheels which are provided. That's it. And this one is more than my expectations. I bought 300kg capacity. And I can carry a lot of weight for my family requirements. Most of all, the product is awesome. Very strong and sturdy wheels and the body too.

"Very sturdy!"

by lawrence dsouza on 18-Jul-2021
It came ready assembled.

"Very useful and beneficial for small businesses"

by Pratik on 18-Jul-2021
We had purchased this trolley in November 2020 for our warehouse use and it is very easy to move goods from one place to another with the use of tjis trolley. The handle however, is little uncomfortable to hold onto while loading the goods, but overall it serves the purpose. Very gopd product and quality.

"Value for money"

by Averybadhabit on 12-Jul-2021
A good product for carrying around loads, especially in a warehouse. The material is quite tough comapred to other trolley available locally . Hope it can carry the weight as mentioned ; though I am pretty sure it can easily do it . Overall it's a total vaue for money product and I really recommend it .

"Bad experience with the quantity of product"

by Hibis Hotels and Resorts Morjim on 12-Jul-2021
Recd one ordered two remain unsolved fir over three months.

"Good product and value for money"

by Dileep T. on 12-Jul-2021
It's a great product its easy to fix and use. Product quality was super.


by Pritam Dobhada on 10-Jul-2021

"Loved it!"

by Dinkar prajapati on 09-Jul-2021
The product is absolutely amazing. Tyres of the trolly are quite big and can be used for rough path. I loved it. Thanks Equal

"Love the quality og the product must have"

by Fauez Motiwala on 08-Jul-2021
Good quality and very useful

"Good quality stuff"

by Rajeev Kurien on 07-Jul-2021
Easy to assemble, Sturdy, Only two wheels are turnable, Hence those wheels decide the turning, So if you fit those wheels near the handle its easy to pull and rotate, But not easy to push and rotate, Wish they had all wheels as turnable.


by ashwani signals on 06-Jul-2021
Must buy

"Nice product"

by rahul patre on 03-Jul-2021
Nice product

"Must for home needs"

by Joble on 27-Jun-2021
It's very good product for daily home needs. Easy to carry LPG cylinder and other house hold items. It's quality is amazing, very rigid and stiff. It is vey easy to assemble, just tighten the screws only. It uses very less space to occupy in stroe and easy to keep. Very satisfied.

"Ideal for senior citizens for receiving deliveries during Corona restrictions."

by RGK on 27-Jun-2021
Easy to assemble & use. Platform looks reasonably rugged

"Wonderful product"

by mohammed shan on 22-Jun-2021
Quality product

"Excellent... We just love it... Affordable price n worth it..."

by Karthika sarvesh on 21-Jun-2021
It's easy to assemble, easy to move, easy to carry with us anywhere, takes heavy loads..

"Saves a Lot of Effort"

by Sushant Kankaria on 19-Jun-2021
The trolley is as described by the seller. 1. It has a great loading capacity. 2. Stability is very good with full load 3. Does the job for home use. 4. Light weight while handling but heavy duty while loading.

"Good product"

by promod sharma on 19-Jun-2021
Good product

"Good but small"

by jay on 10-Jun-2021
The platform is smaller else it's quality is good, worth it

"Awesome Product!!!"

by Jeffi Rejie on 08-Jun-2021
It is very good which can hold upto 200kgs. Also the built quality is seamless

"Nice one"

by NITYANANAD PANDEY on 28-May-2021
Esy to use

"Superb one. Essential Item"

by Bishwa on 28-May-2021
Superb one. It is very good for home use. I bought for my home items movement from one place to another. We used for shifting the crop packets bags.

"Best quality"

by Quolike on 27-May-2021
1 no. Quality

"Value for money"

by rajesh on 25-May-2021
Awesome trolley


by Am on 19-May-2021
Good product nice packaging

"Great Product. Recommend for all"

by Yogita Mehta on 12-May-2021
Very easy to assemble, great quality and very useful for commercial purposes. Recommend for all.

"Easy to maintain"

by Rajinder Sharma on 12-May-2021

"Happy and comfortable to have it"

by BMS RATNA BAI on 29-Apr-2021
It is very comfortable to handle in my garden. I am happy to have it. Thank you Equal

"Worth for money"

by Shanino on 28-Apr-2021
Quality product. Good for home use to carry heavy things

"So so"

by Narayana.R on 28-Apr-2021
Jast ok .. so so

"Good quantity product for office and industry"

by Suman Biswas on 27-Apr-2021
Excellent product. Build quiet is very well detailed. Will buy more in near future.

"Very Good, Sturdy Product"

by Fayz Electronics on 26-Apr-2021
They should have provided with a screw driver to fit the screws. It unnecessarily put is in trouble to find the screw driver of the exact size. Rest the product is excellent, no complaints.

"Good product"

by Vishvesh on 26-Apr-2021

"Easy to use, whith better performers."

by Riya on 22-Apr-2021
Easy to assemble and solid material and better movement. Best performance. Excellent experience. Better sales and service after sale. I like this material.


by Alan on 15-Apr-2021
Great tool, within a week I have used it to me love hundreds of kg of things. Glad I had this and not just by hand. Well built, wheels are not as noisy as I had imagined, slightly soft.


by Kartik on 15-Apr-2021
good product

"Good Product for this price"

by Rohit U. on 12-Apr-2021
Moving it around need some practice. But overall good product for this price. Very useful for for me to shift boxes and bags from my car Park to my house. The product base board is big and takes good space. I have an MPV so no issues but for smaller capacity vehicles do consider the size.

"Overall useful product"

by sukwshal on 11-Apr-2021
Very handy trolley to move material in warehouse.

"Handy item around the house to move household stuff"

by Ata Hasnain on 11-Apr-2021
Ideal for moving flower pots and heavy bottles of mineral water

"Overall good product"

by javid motlani on 06-Apr-2021
Good quality


by Thilak on 06-Apr-2021
The bar or Handel should bee still stronger it will be good.

"If you are finding a trolley go for this"

by Rushikesh Vachhani on 06-Apr-2021
Good product quality is very heavy

"Good quality"

by Swara on 04-Apr-2021
Quality Is Good

"Meh. Buy Stanley if you can"

by Marc Ragsdale on 04-Apr-2021
It worked for our one move. It had a big space and could transport a good amount of stuff. But it felt a bit janky, and if used improperly (as it inevitably will be in India), I can see the arm bending. Thankfully ours did not, but likely because I was supervising the entire time. Too bad the Stanley is nearly twice as much for the same size, otherwise I would have gotten that. Takes some time to assemble correctly -- most importantly, put the wheels on correctly or steering will be impossible. It works. But make sure not to push too hard against bumps and curbs or you may bend the arms.

"go with it"

by Rp kumar on 01-Apr-2021
we are using daily and working fine. we are doubtful at this price. but completely happy


by Naturaline Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd on 31-Mar-2021
good product.

"too many limitations"

by Arun on 29-Mar-2021
Installation was easy except some bent wheel plates needed to be straighten, does not look very sturdy material. folding and unfolding of the handle is pain in the neck. the floor is sturdy but handles are not. The handles can not be opened beyond 90 degree, so pulling the trolley is not at all efficient, further the wheels run good only on smooth and hard surface.

"Must buy."

by satya on 29-Mar-2021
Very strong material with 1yr Warrenty. MRP on the box is 12000 but I get it @ 6500 only.

"Overall good"

by abhyas books on 29-Mar-2021
Only one nutboult fitting space is not proper

"easy to handle and comfortable"

by Siddaling S Allapur on 26-Mar-2021
easy to handle and comfortable

"Easy to assemble"

by Govind on 25-Mar-2021
Trolley looks good but nut bolt provided only 8 nos instead 16 required to mount 4 wheels on the trolley

"Good quality product"

by TALWAR TEA COMPANY on 24-Mar-2021
Good quality product and easy to assemble..

" Equal Trolley ???? ???? ?? ??? "

by Dhiren Pawar on 24-Mar-2021
Equal trolley is a very good trolley. Hassel free. I'm using this trolley from last two months I'm very happy with Equal Foldable trolley.

"Good usefull"

by rahul pandey on 22-Mar-2021

"Handy for carting house hold items"

by Venugopal on 18-Mar-2021
Carrying heavy items from parking to my flat on 9th floor through lift . Easily movable and fits into lift in 100 kgs loaded condition.

"Nice product"

by Ravikumar on 18-Mar-2021
Nice product and soundless move

"It is good"

by veeresh anumula on 10-Mar-2021
The product was good, simply I can say it was good and easy to handle, but I can suggest to keep one iron rod under the platform so it will be strong.

"Wonderful product"

by Rahul Bhaskar on 02-Mar-2021
A very good product, looks very sturdy and comfortable. It is very tough and durable have tried around 110Kgs and it moves so freely. Would really love to recommend it to everyone.

"Best quality easy to assemble"

by Mukesh on 01-Mar-2021
Good product very nice moving and easy to assemble best quality

"Excellent good Product in this price."

by Chirayu Retails on 27-Feb-2021
Easy to assemble and good quality

"Very easy to assemble"

by Sumit on 27-Feb-2021
Easy handling and good weight carrying capacity. A must product for wholesalers specially in confectionery line.

"Sturdy & Efficient"

by SJ on 27-Feb-2021
Highly recommend this product as it's exactly as described in the details. We used this to move a lot of boxes and other equipment and it was sturdy and easy to handle. Would recommend this product for any moves. We bought the smaller size for our use but even the bigger one would be useful.

"Best trolley wheel."

by bharat sarda on 24-Feb-2021
Very smooth and the wheels are good. Go for it..

"Excellent product"

by shailesh baravakar on 20-Feb-2021
Excellent quality product in good price


by Krishna Kumar Thakur on 19-Feb-2021
It's a good product.


by Man Mohan Varma on 12-Feb-2021
This is a very good product.

"Good product solves the purpose."

by Rakesh R. on 03-Feb-2021
Good product solves the purpose, nice finish.


by Manmeet on 02-Feb-2021
Absolutely apt for the purpose of moving/shifting heavy loads. Very convenient to use.

"Wheels of 300 kg equql blue sheet trolly"

by Anil sharma on 01-Feb-2021
Sir I want only wheels of 300kg blue trolly wheel..let know the avlibilty and price


by Shikhar taneja on 30-Jan-2021
Easy to move

"Vendor is good"

by rakesh on 29-Jan-2021

"Value for Money"

by Maninder S Kandhari on 27-Jan-2021
Build quality is good & responsive after sale service. Value for Money . Sturdy & tough trolley. Easy to assemble.

"Sturdy and useful to shift loads for short distances in shops, industry complexes and residences."

by Gopala Krishna on 26-Jan-2021
Item appears to be sturdy and easily movable in any direction and conforming to the given description of the item.

"300kg ETP-3002 platform trolley Go for it. sturdy fine quality, easily manoeuverable"

by Santhosh Baliga on 23-Jan-2021
Product is perfect for moving heavy items wet Grinders, loaded carton boxes. use it on plain surfaces and not harsh bumpy roads. The 5" wheels are strong and you won't feel the weight while carting it. My only comment would be to make the front wheels ( 360degree rotatable and not fixed, as it is comes today) . The rear wheels are 360degree rotatable( where the handle bar of trolley sits) , so that will add additional manoeuverability and enhance your value offering. Have used it for more than a month now, great value. All in all, a great product, good quality build/materials used and recommend it .

"Can take upto 150kgs !"

by Authentic musician on 16-Jan-2021
Serves my purpose. Fits very well in small spaces ready to carry. Usually carrying such a big product is a headache but this product is made of plastic which makes it easier to carry pick up and place it in small spaces. Quality is good !


by AG on 15-Jan-2021
Looks good and handle haevy loads

"Good Customer Services"

by Sunil on 12-Jan-2021
I ordered this product in the mid of Dec'2020 and there was some manufacturing defact when it was delivered so I contacted to the supplier and his customer service was really nice. They also accepted that they will replace this trolley with the newest one. I would recommend this supplier for the future purchasing related to these kind of items.

"GOOD Product"

by Cleanexx sanitizer on 11-Jan-2021
Good to use.Liked the product


by parth on 11-Jan-2021
Good product. Worth buying.

"Pretty good"

by akshay ambre on 08-Jan-2021
Good product...1 star less for rotating wheels.... There bearing should be of better quality

"Good product"

by SRI RANGA on 07-Jan-2021
I wish to give more than 5 star but for one reason that the company should have thought of putting one spanner along to make it easy for the customer to fix it.. I don't have to mention the difficulties one has to face if they don't have the correct size of spanner!!

"good quality materials used"

by CC BHARGAVAN on 07-Jan-2021
great value good quality and fast delivery. i recommend this product to my friends.

"company was super helpful"

by AD on 07-Jan-2021
the company is very helpful in delivering the product and if there is an issue, they attend to it immediately. Very happy to buy this product and recommend to everyone


by Vishal Kolaki on 05-Jan-2021

"Great product"

by parv on 04-Jan-2021
The product is very easy to manoeuvre, compact size, sturdy and very light weight compare to traditional trolleys

"Perfectly does its job. Recommend to all"

by Srinivasan R on 29-Dec-2020
For the sake of testing, we took one piece for our society. We found very useful. We had purchased 300 kgs one for our block. Gas cylinders, shifting, bulk water delivery, everything is done using this now. Its perfect, sturdy, does it's intended job well. We are planning to buy more of if for other blocks as well. Very happy customer. Go for it.


by Swayamsiddha on 28-Dec-2020

"Good product"

by dragonizzer on 27-Dec-2020
Easy to handle and can be folded


by g sridharan on 26-Dec-2020
So simple and durable

"Elegant sturdy functional Trolley"

by Willie Fernandes on 24-Dec-2020
Well designed, sturdy, engineered well. Good material used for construction.

"Very nice I like it"

by Paras m. on 23-Dec-2020
I like this product and very useful item

"Very good, durable and useful item..."

by Shrikant V. on 23-Dec-2020
It is really a good product... Verymuch suitable for our business...

"Overall value for money procurement"

by Seema on 22-Dec-2020
The product is robust and works well for industrial use. Wheel rotation could be better though.

"Fixing toll which is called panna in local language is very much important"

by Roshan on 22-Dec-2020
Even after giving best product, to fix it there was no tool given, when you buy anything online, it's your job to provide a tool which can open nutbolt. I have to send someone outside to but a tool which was hardly expensive then more then 50 rupees. But this small thing is very essential with this high quality product. This us to inform you what you are lacking even after selling more them 1000s rupees products.

"Very useful for using in the godown"

by NISANTH on 19-Dec-2020
After receiving the product the work load has been simplified very much . Our staff are satisfied with the product.. worth for the price


by veerappan ganesh on 19-Dec-2020
Great wonderful handling nice product

"Happy with it"

by mukesh bhadu on 19-Dec-2020
Value for money, using in my factory. Happy with it

"To carry good weight."

by Tofeeq Husain on 18-Dec-2020
Very nice durable product, I bought 4 pcs for my factory.

"Good performance"

by rishi agarwal on 07-Dec-2020

"With 100% trust YOU can buy it"

by Tapan Bagchi on 06-Dec-2020
I want to buy this product again Thanks.

"Good Trolley for Logistics"

by SRI EXIM on 28-Nov-2020
100% satisfied. Excellent Quality.

"A must buy for any material movement needs"

by Vikas Goel on 27-Nov-2020
It was extremely easy to assemble and the movement is just so free. The operators are loving it.

"A good buy"

by Prateek on 24-Nov-2020
It's a nice product ..

"Good Product. Rightly priced."

by Dr. Gluten on 21-Nov-2020
Very satisfactory product. steady and easy to use

"Quality product"

by B Harigupta Sharma on 21-Nov-2020
Very good quality product, works well and very easy to assemble.

"Excellent Product"

by Kenchen P on 21-Nov-2020
Easy to use and versatile. Carries a lot of stuff easily. Great product!

"Home shifting was never easier than this"

by Gayatri A on 21-Nov-2020
Absolutely sturdy and easy to use!!

"Looks good"

by Pankaj Nagpurkar on 21-Nov-2020
Very convenient to transfer heavy items.

"Very Nice trolley"

by Global Computers on 21-Nov-2020
The Trolley is very useful. Its strong and sturdy. Paisa wasool.

"Excellent product"

by AR Rehman on 21-Nov-2020
Purchased this item to carry heavy boxes and other items for commercial purpose. Very easy to install and easy to use. Quality is better than expected

"Quite good, go for it"

by B Raj on 21-Nov-2020
Quite sturdy and easy to move, so far used only on cemented areas , overall happy and also got a prompt and courteous response when called up the numbers provided for an immediate help to understand the folding part. Definitely recommend.

"Very satisfied"

by Prahlad Ramesh on 21-Nov-2020
Very satisfied with the quality of the peoduct

"Great purchase"

by Souren Sen on 21-Nov-2020
I purchased for our warehouse and now its very easy to move heavy items without any tension. Great one !!

"This is a nice product of wonderful quality"

by K G J N MURTHY on 21-Nov-2020
Got the product of the quality that i was looking for. Easy to assemble the wheels. Movement of the trolley is little hard but still i like this product in all aspect. Really worth going for it. Can fold it and keep it under table / cot when not in use.

"Marvellous product"

by Deepak S on 21-Nov-2020
A million thanks for this quality product. I shifted houses recently and this sturdy trolly helped me haul large loads at one go. My only suggestion to the manufacturers is to make it slightly bigger in length and width so that it can accommodate two standard size plastic crates on the platform. Current size holds one and a half crate.

"Great costumer satisfaction"

by Chandmal m Jain on 21-Nov-2020
This product contains 20nutbolts which were completely missing but after my complain about the nutbolts the company instantly made a followup on whats app and shown their concern and made a replacement of the nutbolts within 3/4 days and rectified it overall i am satisfied with the product and a must buy

"Excellent product"

by Kunal Mankar on 19-Nov-2020
Good sturdiness, easy to assemble and regulated movement, I yet not tested for 300 kg wait but expecting to be as recommended.

"Nice product"

by pankaj on 18-Nov-2020


by Chandrasekaran on 16-Nov-2020
carrying library materials

"Superb quality"

by Rajasekar Venkadaswamy on 07-Nov-2020
Excellent product


by Aditya Kumar Bhagat on 07-Nov-2020
Nice quality

"Good Quality"

by Darshan Shah on 01-Nov-2020
Very Useful

"Good Product"

by Dr Qureshi on 29-Oct-2020
Light weight, Strong and saves space when parked

"Value for money"

by Rupesh on 29-Oct-2020
Nice product

"Superb product for everyday lifting."

by Amarnath Shenoy on 27-Oct-2020
Ease of assembly. Excellent built quality.

"Good Product"

by Prosenjit on 27-Oct-2020
I'm fully satisfies this product. It's value for money, It's good for Office, wharhousr etc. It's lite weight. Esy to Cary Thanku Amazon...

"Good Product"

by Sanjay Jain on 26-Oct-2020
Good product but packing is issue as we have received only 4 nut and bolt to fix the wheels actually it needs 20 so as per packing it might been follen out of box so request to take care of packing

"Good product ??"

by Jvs Traders on 22-Oct-2020
Good packing & delivered on time.

"Excellent Product"

by ViNaY on 14-Oct-2020
Easy To Assemble & Durable Product

"An excellent product"

by Amit Agarwal on 10-Oct-2020
An excellent product, very useful in any household. Can keep in car dicky also

"Good product"

by Abhi on 07-Oct-2020
Easy to use. Easy to handle. A very Good Product.

"Very Powerful Product"

by Arpita Goyal on 06-Oct-2020
It is a very good product for my hotel and it helped my workers in moving and carrying heavy products.

"Value and useful"

by Kanhu S. on 04-Oct-2020
Strong and quality product.

"This is a nice product of wonderful quality"

by K G J N Murthy on 30-Sep-2020
Got the product of the quality that i was looking for. Easy to assemble the wheels. Movement of the trolley is little hard but still i like this product in all aspect. Really worth going for it. Can fold it and keep it under table / cot when not in use.

"Excellent product"

by Kunal Mankar on 30-Sep-2020
Good sturdiness, easy to assemble and regulated movement, I yet not tested for 300 kg wait but expecting to be as recommended.

"Must buy trolley for mineral water supply"

by Manoj H on 30-Sep-2020
This is the best trolley to deliver 20lyr water jars. Every mineral water suppliers must buy this trolley to reduce your heavy lifting work. This trolley will save your time and health. We can carry 6*20ltr water jars at a time. Very sturdy and rugged plastic material. Wheels are very good quality. Very smooth. Easy to assemble. Easy to carry anywhere with your water delivery van. 100% satisfied. Thanks to the seller and Amazon.

"Nice Product."

by Dharmendra Bhatia on 30-Sep-2020
Packing was fine. Every thing is in order. Easy to assemble. Heavy duty as promised. Very useful. Full Satisfaction from the product and service.

"Very Useful..."

by Mati Ke Laal on 28-Sep-2020
I liked the product, It solves the purpose of carrying heavyweight goods ...overall it's a good product easy to store.


by Babasaheb Yadav Rokade on 28-Sep-2020
Very good

"Robust Product"

by Manish Jangid on 22-Sep-2020
It is robust and very well made. Conforms to the specifications given.

"EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley - Easy to assemble and maintain"

by Amit Sharma on 22-Sep-2020
Best foldable Platform trolley available in India in 300 KG capacity. Product is easy to install and maintain. The trolley can be easily manoeuvred even by kids and old people.

"Great product"

by Vaishnav R on 17-Sep-2020
Very good product. Value for money. Met the expectations. Easy to assemble and sturdy . A must recommend to buy.

"Must have product for your office !"

by Murtaza on 13-Sep-2020
Extremely useful product for my office to move goods around


by C J SINGH on 10-Sep-2020

"Good addition to the warehouse."

by Luxmi Agencies on 10-Sep-2020
It is very useful. Good product.

"Good Sturdy product from EQUAL brand . Happy with the Purchase ."

by Ravi V. on 07-Sep-2020
We were using manpower to lift heavy stuff and movement . Now its very easy for us to move heavy loads form one place to other .

"Easy to use"

by Sukesh Verma on 02-Sep-2020
I have purchased 300 kg Capacity Foldable Platform Trolley for my store and really very good quality material they use in this product. This product is very easy to use, I am very happy after buying this product.

"Good Quality"

by D.b.lon industries on 26-Aug-2020
Good product and sturdy

"Suitable and worth the price"

by Ankpl on 26-Aug-2020
Excellent product

"Satisfactory product"

by GOBIND RAM on 22-Aug-2020
Easy to use , material satisfactory , quality is good , hope to buy again the same product

"Light but strong"

by Anuj Chib on 22-Aug-2020
Saves labour and time. Material is light but strong. Will work for years it seems.

"Good product"

by AK on 09-Aug-2020
Useful during lockdown for shifting heavy items like washing machine and fridges

"nice product"

by Firoz Shah on 08-Aug-2020
I bought this product for my shop and now it is very easy to bring and carry heavy items in my shop

"Good product"

by DEEPAK on 30-Jul-2020
Good product

"Excellent product"

by Naresh agarwal on 29-Jul-2020
Nice product

"Nice product"

by Dileep on 27-Jul-2020
Timely delivered with good quality. Easy to handle and It helps our business a lot

"Good quality trolley"

by K SHARFU on 21-Jul-2020
Easy to assemble and sturdiness.

"Meet expectations"

by ANKUR LODHA on 12-Jul-2020
It meets the purpose. The only drawback we faced was the lack of stopper in the rear wheels. Otherwise, it great and easy to use.

"Good product"

by Sharat Sharma on 11-Jul-2020
Hood product

"Buy this for moving heavy objects easily"

by Prachi Singh on 04-Jul-2020
Sturdy, rugged , installed in 5 minutes. Big wheels - front two turn and rear two rigid. The base is also made of good grade plastic and will handle heavy loads and will last. Handle comes folded down and once straightened not very easy to collapse again. I still need to figure that out. All in all glad that I got it and it sure makes moving heavy objects much easier now.


by Nalli on 28-Jun-2020
Good product....little heavy .....over all good trolly to use for home purpose as well

"Good 1"

by Raja on 27-Jun-2020
I enjoyed


by Santosh kumar Lenka on 21-Jun-2020
Easy to assemble. It's very strong and easy to use.

"top quality trolley"

by HMS on 20-Jun-2020
easy to use and seems to be made to last long.

"Good multipurpose trolley"

by Rishika Kothari on 07-Jun-2020
Jist assembled and used for the first time..The handle is a little shaky and it looks delicate.. hoping it works long term..

"Buy it"

by Anik Sangoi on 01-Jun-2020
Best of all

"Good product"

by ashok on 25-May-2020
Assembly drawing missing

"Pls buy"

by Abhishek on 25-May-2020

"Good Product"

by Vivek Agarwal on 19-Mar-2020
Easy to install & Good Quality,

"Must for every home"

by Moideen K. on 12-Mar-2020
Very useful for home


by sivaraj on 06-Mar-2020

"Careless seller"

by G S. on 05-Mar-2020
Delivered without castor wheels item returned.

"Superb trolly"

by dileep parihar on 03-Mar-2020
As expected Superb product.


by Ayan on 02-Mar-2020
Good product

"Buy it"

by Srinivasan chellappan on 20-Feb-2020
Very useful for small business traders.

"Good product"

by Lokesh on 19-Feb-2020
Good product

"Worth give GST invoice best to us.."

by pramanandan on 10-Feb-2020
It is good spare wheel also given..


by Aaron Rodrigues on 08-Feb-2020
Durable Product

"Must buy trolley for mineral water supply"

by Souren Sen on 31-Jan-2020
This is the best trolley to deliver 20lyr water jars. Every mineral water suppliers must buy this trolley to reduce your heavy lifting work. This trolley will save your time and health. We can carry 6*20ltr water jars at a time. Very sturdy and rugged plastic material. Wheels are very good quality. Very smooth. Easy to assemble. Easy to carry anywhere with your water delivery van.

"Good for office"

by Deepak on 23-Nov-2019

"Good quality and useful product"

by Pradnya Sirdeshpande on 14-Nov-2019
Good quality. ..

"For office usage"

by Lilly on 12-Nov-2019
Easy to carry all heavy stainless stuff.

"product is ecxelent"

by kamala on 01-Nov-2019
my workers are using this product and they are happy

"Value for money"

by Ganesh Bhat on 26-Oct-2019


by Natasha on 14-Oct-2019

"Very useful and good quality product"

by ashish on 12-Oct-2019
Very useful and good quality product

"easy to work and quality is good"

by varathan-motan India on 08-Oct-2019
good and quality product


by dipesh on 29-Aug-2019


by Vighnesh Velusamy on 23-Aug-2019
Good one


by Hifzur nawab on 22-Aug-2019


by Pranay on 18-Aug-2019
Easy to use

"Good product and handy"

by Ashish Kumar Vaishya on 10-Aug-2019
Good product and handy

"Breaks missing"

by MOHD HARIS on 06-Aug-2019
U have to give breaks facility

"Movement issue"

by Deepak Shah on 03-Jul-2019
Regulated movement is not up to the mark


by Prasanna k on 24-Jun-2019
Good one


by Supreeta on 15-Jun-2019
Value for money.

"Not a quality product"

by MANOAJ D KALAANI on 29-May-2019
Not a good quality product

"Lode 300kg easy handling"

by karan kale on 04-Apr-2019
Very good trolley easy handling


by GOPI on 20-Feb-2019
Awesome product very useful super

"Value for money"

by KA Nair on 08-Feb-2019
Sturdy and utility trolley, good buy.


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