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“Making a better living for many people all around the world”

UNIQUE POWER TECHNOLOGIES founded in 2001 and over 21+ years of happy customers with its brand name “EQUAL” based in the Jaipur, Rajasthan. Now, we are entering the E-commerce industry with our own brand name “EQUALEQUIP”. EQUAL is now offering well-designed products and solutions like ladders, Material handling, Testing and Measuring Instrument, Beds and chair for your home. Our value and optimism are sharing with our co-workers and customers across the globe.

EQUAL’s Key Values

We believe that every individual has something valuable to offer and we strive to have the same values in the way we work.

”Maintaining a strong culture is one of the most crucial factors behind the continued success of our company” – Mr. Ashok Sharma, CEO

Every Individual has something to offer

We are a diverse group of simple and down to earth people with a passion for working day and night.

We come from different Indian roots but we share an inspiring vision “to create better living for many people”. These values guide our work and build our inclusive, open and honest culture.

equal team

equal staff


We believe in the togetherness of people and it is our main culture. We are strong when we trust each other, pull in the same direction and have fun together.

It is our strength we guide our employee and help them to grow


As many people as possible should be able to afford a beautiful and functional home. We constantly challenge ourselves and others to make more from less without compromising on quality. We always focus on the right product to deliver to customers at the very best price and in an affordable way.

Cost consciousness

Renovation Improvement

Renovation & Improvement

Our main focus looking for new and better ways to find improvement in our products that we offer to our customers.

Whatever we are doing today, we want this to be better tomorrow. Finding a solution to every difficult situation is part of our success and a source of inspiration to move forward with a positive attitude.

Lead by example

Our leaders see their leadership as an action, not as a position. We value our people and employees very most, it about being our best self and bringing out the best in each other.

Our main motive is to build an environment where we create leaders for tomorrow in every area where we work, we want every employee of our company to do the best of his on his own.

lead by examples

Positive Approach

A Positive Approach

We have focused on using resources in the best way possible. We have been making more for less turning waste into resources, sourcing energy and materials in a responsible. We want to play our part in creating a better life for the many people and communities touched by our business.

We want to build a community where every single person is doing positive work for them and for our company


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