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Shoe Racks


Your home may have a shoe problem without you even knowing it if you have more than one person living there. Maintaining a neat shoe collection is very important. Shoe racks come in handy if you have more than four or five pairs of shoes.

Our shoe racks are made up of heavy-duty mild steel sheets with rust-proof coating. Our shoe racks are for all types of shoes, which can hold high-heels, sneakers, or flat shoes. Organize all footwear in one place with a storage cabinet.

These shoe racks comes with a safety lock to keep your shoes safe when you are outside of your home, flat or office. They also come with ventilation holes to keep the rack free from odor and humidity.

There are different types of shoe racks depending upon number of racks like two racks, three racks and four racks.

Easy Installation at any wall with screw points on back at shoe stand.