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There's nothing like kicking back in a recliner chair after a tough day. However, finding a recliner that matches your body and budget is not as easy. A high-quality lounger ought to last more with regular use. Here's the way to choose one that will not break down untimely fraught. Here you can get the best daily use recliner chair at the best price. Explore Now. 

Recliners are not like shoes — appearance is vital, however, comfort is essential. Once you are shopping, have family members who'll spend the foremost time within the chair sit in it for 5 minutes or more. Ask yourself: Do my feet touch the ground when the back is upright? Does the headrest support my head and neck? How's the cushioning?

Our recliner chair range is ingeniously designed for indoor & outdoor purposes. Comfortable recliner easy chairs are fabricated using materials that make them truly all-weather resistant. The outdoor recliner chair is outstanding in quality, classy in design and colorful in range. to live an opulent life outdoors, select from our splendid collection of outdoor recliner easy chair. Make the foremost of your outdoor space with our lounging and relaxing chair.

Equal is a leading manufacturer, and supplier of outdoor recliner chairs. The products include durable and comfortable chairs in various colors and sizes. the material used to design the products is rust-free and durable available in premium quality.

Our team comprises an experienced array of talented folks that are committed to excellence to deliver innovative products. We take the sole responsibility to enhance your experience of comfort and leisure activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. How do recliner chairs work?

A. Recliner chairs are recline through the raising of the front and lowering of the back. In recliner chair usually have a backrest that tilts backward while the front of the chair becomes a raised footrest. Recliner chair made to maximize comfort and relaxation.


Q. Are recliner chairs good for You?

A. Recliner chair is the best chair for Everyone. Tester approved that the 135-degree reclining position put the least stress on the spine and may reduce the risk of back pain, And the recliner chair is capable of that. Experts recommend that a Recliner chair gives relief from back pain and It good for everyone's health.


Q. What is the most durable fabric for a recliner?

A. For recliner chair microfiber, canvas or polyester fabric are the best fabric in terms of durability. This type of fabric made the recliner chair extremely strong. Polyester-made recliner chairs mostly used outdoors because they are easily washed and dried. In India Equal is the best supplier of polyester-made recliner chairs.


Q. Is sleeping in a recliner chair not good for your health?

A. Sleeping in a recliner is safe. If you are afflicted by back pain for a long time period or sleep apnea then a recliner chair is a better option for those people, Because recliner chairs give relief from back pain. Recliner chairs also give amazing looks or multiple sitting positions. 


Q. Is the recliner chair not good for your back?

A. Sitting for a long time anywhere is not recommendable for your back. Even if many recliners are ergonomic and have lumbar supports, this not proved that you have to spend all of your free time in the recliner chair. The recliner chair is made for comfortable sitting in both indoor or outdoor areas. And It's not harming your back.


Q. How to Choose the Right Recliner chair?

A. Are you purchasing a recliner chair for home, office, or garden, recliner chair is made with multiple usages, Equal made one of the best recliner chairs in India which is used in both indoor or outdoor. Equal recliner chair made with steel frame or using cotton and linen for making cushions, This type of material is used for long durability.


Q. What size recliner chair should you buy?

A. When choosing your perfect recliner chair make sure your feet touch the floor whilst in the sitting position and your head comfortably fits the headrest. Measure that your new recliner chair fit in with the rest of the room's aesthetics or not. Choosing the right material or fabric color for improving your home interior.

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