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Platform Trolley


Lighten your load with EQUAL Platform Trolley that comes in 80 kg to 500 kg capacity. It is perfect for any warehouse or distribution unit. These are capable of holding 80 kg to 500 kg weight. The EQUAL Folding Platform Hand Trolley eases the strain on workers.  Its foldable handle helps to make storage easier. You just have to simply fold down flat over the platform. Its non-marking rubber wheels ensure that the flooring doesn’t get ruined. Folding platform hand trolley gives employees a helping hand to move heavy objects and load from one place to another. I would recommend that everyone should avoid manual handling loads to help reduce workplace accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is a platform trolley?

A. Platform trolley is a hand truck. It has a large low deck with four wheels and no sides. The platform trolley is not motorized and this trolley usually includes a handle at one end for easy movement from left to right. Platform trolleys reduce the efforts of moving heavy material.

Q. Which one is the best platform trolley, "Steel platform trolley or Plastic Platform trolley?

A. If you want the strongest, toughest Trolley, go for a Plastic platform trolley. If the maximum load capacity is not your primary concern, then the lighter plastic platform trolley offers several advantages over steel. Plastic platform trolley most durable than steel trolley. They are easier to handle and move around more rust-resistant, and even are available fully foldable models.

Q. Which is the best portable trolley ? "folding or fixed platform trolley".

A. A folding platform trolley is commonly much bigger than a fixed platform trolley. If you need to transport bulky items, then a folding platform trolley is good for every time usage. platform trolley easily store everywhere you want. Fixed trolleys are mostly made from steel and they much heavier than a foldable trolley. A foldable platform trolley is suggesting from our side Because a fixed trolley takes more space than a foldable trolley than a fixed trolley.

Q. What is the need for a Platform trolley for you?

A. Platform trolleys are made to be used in many different situations. Platform trolleys are generally used in departmental stores, Industries, airports, malls even using at home. These platform trolleys are available in multiple variations like foldable platform trolly or fixed platform trolley but all variants share a sole purpose to make carrying or transporting goods.

Q. Which types of Platform Trolley Available At Equal?

A. Platform Trolley 150 kg

Platform Trolley 300 kg

Platform Trolley 500 kg

Q. Is platform trolley Compatible With Indoor And Outdoor Use?

A. Yes, the platform trolley is made for everywhere using like indoor or outdoor. Its also used in every type of weather like heat, rain, snow, excessive humidity, etc. I suggest that using a plastic platform trolley for saving your trolley from rusting. A foldable trolley best for industrial or daily usage because they are store in less space ar class="ans"ea.

Q. Which types of wheels used in the platform trolley?

A. There are different types of wheels that you can use for your platform trolley. These are caster wheels, pneumatic tires, solid metal tires, PVC tires, and even foam tires. The caster wheels transfer the trolley to any direction that you want. Trolley wheels are made of high-quality PVC rubber and durable bearings, These types of wheels are mostly used in trolleys because they strong or safe.