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First Aid Box


Committed to All of Your Storage Needs

EQUAL is committed to providing all the needs of home, office, schools and other workspace. Designing high-quality products, we offers first aid kit, suggestion box, mailboxes and other home improvement storage products.

Equal First Aid Kit Boxes are ideal for job sites, large offices, or manufacturing facilities. This product is suitable for homes, offices, hospitals, schools, police and fire departments, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and sports facilities.

Ever Ready Emergency First Aid Metal Kit

First aid supplies can be safely stored in the Ever Ready First Aid metal kit. With wall mounting specifications, it is compact, sturdy, and comes with a compact design. Rust-resistant hinge pins, locks, and hooks are part of the sturdy metal body.


Comes with Lock

In addition to the mild steel construction resisting forced entry, increased security is provided by lock on this medical first aid box.

Easy Wall Mount

Comes with 4 back holes to easily wall mount on any wall. Mounting materials included in the box

Multiple Compartments

Multiple compartments with different sizes are designed to accept a variety of prescription and first aid contents, maximizing the interior space of the cabinet to provide optimum efficiency

High Build Quality

The mild steel construction resists forced entry, while also providing long-term durability and use for years to come. This material is resistant to corrosion and germs, and is easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth.