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Which Is The Best Floor Mop For You

Posted on August 20th, 2019 02:04 PM
floor cleaning mop

There is always a need for a good quality floor mop to clean your place to keep it healthy and infection-free. For regular hard surfaces like wood, concrete, marble, tiles, a mop is a highly effective tool. But mopping is a dreaded regular task.

Mopping shouldn’t have to be difficult as it is a part of daily activity. Here is a tip for easy and clean mopping — sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping with the help of broom or vacuum cleaner. Another tip for keeping your place clean is to mop frequently so that it is a quick weekly task. Waiting until the floor becomes dirt is what makes mopping difficult.

For a clean floor, you should always use a clean mop. If your mop is smelling bad due to bacteria growing in the mop head or look dirty, it is going to spread all the yuck to your floor. Thankfully, most of the mops have removable heads that can be easily washed and cleaned.

With the right mop and right cleaner, mopping cab is so easy. You must have tested many mops for cleaning your home for a decade, as a home economist, you must be searching for the most effective, easy to use, and the value for money product.

Which Mop to Buy

With Equal mop, you can clean most type of surfaces including, concrete, wood, tile or any other hard surface. If you have multiple types of surfaces at your home, it is difficult to carry a number of mops, so it is better to carry a single mop which can clean your all type of hard surfaces.

EQUAL mop is combined a deep-cleaning microfiber mop and a mop bucket with a spin chamber to satisfy all your mopping needs.