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Things You Must Know Before Buying Platform Trolley

Posted on November 27th, 2019 11:45 AM
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Platform trolley is an essential equipment for any warehouse or industry as this helps workers to move load easily. If you are new with platform trolley it is necessary that you know all constraints related to a platform hand trolley. If you have heavy goods or materials that need to be moved from one place to another, you need to make sure that the right trolley is used.

The use of trolley helps you to reduce the chances of injuries due to load lifting. There are many considerations you should take into consideration when you are buying a platform hand trolley. Like why do you need it? How will you choose the right one? What kind of material should be used?


What is Platform Trolley?

A trolley is an equipment that is used to effectively transfer load from one place to another. These can be used in a variety of settings like a warehouse, industries or sometimes at home also. There are various kinds of platform trolleys, come in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials. These trolleys conjointly vary in loading capacities and weight limitations.


Why Do You Need A Platform Trolley?

As platform trolleys are designed to use in different situations. You may have seen them lined up at the departmental store, warehouse, construction areas and you may also find them at once home. Trolleys come in different variations but they all have the same purpose- to make carrying or transporting goods much ease and comfort.

According to a report, there is a magnificent amount of injuries noted at the workplace due to heavy load lifting and it around $3.5 billion cost for such injuries such as the strained back, fall down, neck pain, etc.

To avoid all such incidents in the workplace, it is better to use the right type of trolley for load transportation.


How to Choose the Best Platform Trolley?

Choosing the best platform trolley is not a difficult task you just have to final your requirement, environment, budget and some other factors mentioned below.

1.    Object Being Handled

What kind of object is being transported? Is it bulky or not? Weight of the object, the shape will determine the shelf or platform size and the loading capacity of the trolley. Are they sorted or not? Can they be packed nicely in boxes or are loose, uneven sized items that simply cannot be stacked on one another?

Answering these queries can determine the size you need for your trolleys. Having odd-sized things would mean that you simply may need a shelved trolley to keep the products from falling over when moving.


2.    Environment

Is there elevate access on each floor? Also, are the doors and walk area large enough for a trolley to go through easily? It’s also important to notice that you can solely transport large trolleys in service and product lifts.

Thus, the physical atmosphere of the workplace can verify the size and shape of the trolleys you should use.


3.    Flexibility

Are you trying to find a trolley that's ready to adapt to completely different situations? Can they be adjusted to a specific width or height you would like or can it is backward or extended easily?

This is determined by how you intend to use the platform trolley and wherever you would like to use it. Ultimately, it's still better to induce a flexible and versatile trolley that can be used for various applications and uses.


4.    Usability Percentage

Last but not least, you'll need to think about how often the trolley is going to be used. If you’re transporting heavy things on a routine, you will need to invest in an exceedingly sturdy and reliable folding platform trolley made out of high-quality materials. This will probably affect the material of trolleys you ought to look out for.


Types of Platform Trolley

Foldable platform trolley is available in various forms which will be used in different applications. For instance, the trolleys you see in supermarkets take on an immensely different form and structure from the personal trolleys you keep at home. To assist you to gain a better understanding, we have listed the various types of commonly used trolleys.


Plastic Trolleys

According to statistics, nine out of ten retailers like plastic trolleys to metal trolleys. Not only are they easy to maneuver and rustproofed, but they are also conjointly designed to avoid injury to any fixtures or fittings.


Metal Trolleys

On the other hand, metal trolleys have a range of advantages as well. Metal trolleys are often fabricated from either stainless steel or aluminium. They are simple to scrub, provide the trolley a durable structure and are less likely to be broken and damaged.


Flatbed Trolleys

With a flat base and a handle to grip onto, flatbed trolleys are some of the most popular trolleys on the marketplace. Their simple style is ideal for stacking large, bulky objects that need long-distance transportation.

Cage Trolley

Cage trolleys are fabricated from close wire mesh with a regular base, sitting on four castors. Usually used in warehouses, factories or business institutions, they're designed to hold a higher volume capability and a larger load of up to 500kg.

The surrounding wire mesh also permits you to stack items of up to one meter in height. It allows ensures that your items do not fall out and are kept intact while transporting.

The cage trolley not only helps with moving of products, but it's also the right storage solution.


Stair Trolleys

The stair trolley can be used to carry objects up and down the steps or perhaps over curbs. They utilize a special set of castors and wheels – a three-wheel configuration – that helps to simply maneuver the trolley without causing damage to the wheels. This makes the stair trolley or step climber excellent for shifting product up flights of stairs when there's no elevator or lift service.


Powered Platform Trolley

If you have to hold around particularly heavy loads for long periods of time, you ought to consider investing in a battery-operated trolley. Though it's more expensive than its manual counterparts, it can carry way more weight and will be easier to operate.

It requires minimal manual work as you'll be able to easily control it with a few clicks of a button.


Where You Can Find Platform Trolley?

Retail Manufacturer & Supplier

Today, there are such a lot of platform trolley manufacturers and suppliers that you will be entirely spoilt for selection.

To help yourself make an informed decision, be sure to do some due analysis before buying your trolleys. Make sure that the manufacturer you settle on is trustworthy and capable of providing quality trolleys.

Most significantly, be sure to examine the specifications and limitations on the capacity or weight of every trolley to determine if they are appropriate to handle and transport the goods you have.



You can also purchase platform trolley online marketplaces, like EQUAL.

You can easily find, look for and compare the various trolleys that are offered within the market. What is more, the price, specifications and technical information can be easily found online, making it easier for you to make a sophisticated call for your purchases. You can notice all that you want with just a click of a mouse.


Common Category of Platform Trolley


We hope that you are currently more informed about the various types of trolleys, what you ought to take into account when choosing a trolley and the way to search out the most effective trolley suppliers.

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