The Best Aluminium Ladder For You

Posted on July 18th, 2019 10:15 AM
ladder for home

From painting to garden to changing a bulb or hanging gifts or plants, we often call for a ladder. The EQUAL multi-purpose, aluminium ladder is our top choice because it allows for safe use while working on it with extreme ease and comfort.

To change a burnout light bulb you need a ladder. If you are looking to paint your ceiling, you need to have a ladder. If you have to plan to hang planters, fit a lamp in the balcony, or the gutter needs to be cleaned, then a good aluminium ladder is a great idea. 

Buying an aluminium ladder is not a waste of money. According to NACHI, there are more than 150,000 emergency room visits per year due to ladder falls, and as many as 400 annual deaths from ladder falls. And we are not considering people tumbling down due to low-grade material used in the ladder. Most of the deaths caused a drop of fewer than ten feet.

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As I am not a certified inspector, I also own three and thinking of a few more. For any small repair in and around the house to garden, my aluminium ladders are very helpful in useful to me as I can do my work with ease and safety. I can confidently say that I've never regretted the fact that we've chosen decent hardware in the ladder department.

Why having an Aluminium Ladder is Important?

Here is the first answer, this is an ideal product to multiuse in-house and outdoors, it's compact and easy to use and takes up less space. EQUAL is a well-established brand in terms of industrial product manufacturer and I haven’t found any complaint about their product their service is also top class. 

Let’s come to the point of the importance of the ladder, a few years back my parents bought our first house, I had to set out to a decorative piece to a height. We borrowed a ladder from a neighbor and, despite the fact that it looks poorly made and likely to collapse. I started upward, about halfway up, I started hearing an audible cracking and popping noise and felt the ladder shaking.

I didn’t fall off, but what I did after this incident. I headed off to Google and searched for a good multipurpose ladder and after research, I found a ladder of my use i.e. EQUAL - Multipurpose Aluminium Ladder, this product completely fulfills my requirement. After using this product, I became a fan of it and I recommend everyone to use this high-class product rather than a cheap low-quality ladder from the market as it is directly related to your safety. I still have that multipurpose ladder and have used it for years in multiple projects. Did I love spending a high amount of money on a ladder? No, not really. But it was better than listing in a statistic cited by the NACHI, Lol.

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If you need a few feet of extra extension for reaching kitchen shelves or light fixtures in the bathroom then a step ladder will be a good idea. If you're painting a room or trimming some smaller trees, an A-frame ladder is a perfect choice. If you want to prune trees or want to paint your wall, you should choose a scaffolding ladder. But if you want to achieve a height of 15-20 feet from the ground you have to spend a bit more on it and it is an investment in your safety and efficiency. 

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