Telescopic Ladder Review And Analysis

Posted on November 19th, 2020 12:04 PM
telescopic ladder

Reaching a height like a roof, ceiling, gutter, and so on can be risky work if you have no secure support system. However now a day, there are many types of ladders available in the market like extension ladder, telescopic ladder, multipurpose ladder that can give you such opportunity safely.

But sometimes it is difficult to choose among the wide range of brands and ladder options. Here we have included Equal telescopic ladder for those who want the best ladder solution with safety.

Equal telescopic ladder is an ideal solution for those who want a solid, portable, safe, and easy to use the climbing ladder for whether home use or industrial work.

Besides, for people who have space issues and cannot have enough space to store large ladders like a wooden ladder, bamboo ladder, or any other non-portable, non-compact ladder, a telescopic ladder can be the finest match for it. You can store it in a very small space, even the boot space of your car.

Equal telescopic ladder comes from a heavy-duty series which is generally used for professional and industrial work. It means these are the best quality strong ladder which is undoubtedly fit for any homework too. It has diverse features and virtues that we will discuss in this blog, anyhow before going into details, have a look at key features of it.


Key Features of Equal Telescopic Ladder

Heavy-duty ladder, best for home and industrial use.

Made with high-grade T5 aluminum

Comes with smooth closure setup

EN-131 and approved by ANSI and OSHA

Rust-free designing

Easy locking mechanism


Design and Size

The first that will catch your attention will be the design and its sleekness.  It is uncommonly coated with the silver and yellow color combo along with an ergonomic layout and smooth finish. EQUAL  made this is as an alternative to the bulky and heavy and long ladder and gives it a full professional quality.

Equal telescopic ladder is designed for both home and professional use and for this Equal have provided multiple size options. It is available in 5 feet to 23 feet, you can choose according to your need.


Material and Weight

The second most important thing you would like about telescopic ladder is, built quality and material used. As, the material is the thing that will determine the product longevity, weight, capability, and other things. Consequently, it is made of Aerospace 6061 T5 aluminum with a clean anodized finish.

Likewise, aluminum keeps the telescopic ladder lightweight to carry out but made strong enough to be stable. Moreover, provide it long-lasting durability.


Locking Mechanism

The locking system is an essential feature of the telescopic ladder. Equal telescopic ladder has an excellent locking system. It has a high-quality closure system to ensure the safety of the user.

When you extended and lock the system, you'll get to know the lock sound. So that you can understand whether the device is locked or not and safe to use or not.


Stability and security

By seeing Equal telescopic ladder locking system, you can easily under how secure these ladders are. In addition, for extra stability, it is build up with a specially molded foot. The foot setup keeps the ladder more stable on the surface and maintains safety. Apart from this, it has non-slip end caps for adding extra security. All Equal ladders are EN-131 certified that makes them perfect for home and industrial use.


Load Capacity

Similar to other wonderful features and components the load capacity is also stander. It can hold up to 150 kg loads at a time including the person and tools, the person carries on climbing. Apparently, this load capacity is absolutely fine for any kind of professional and residential job and considered a heavy-duty ladder.


Storage and maintenance

At the starting, we've mentioned that it's a light-weight and portable ladder and comes with a compact design. So you'll easily store this in a very small space like your car boot space. garage, below the bed, attic place, and anywhere you would like.


Likewise, build up in clean anodized finish so that you can clean it effortlessly and need no solid maintenance.