Platform Trolley : The Most Useful Warehouse Equipment

Posted on August 13th, 2019 05:40 PM
equal platform trolley

A warehouse is a place where you have to work harder for managing products efficiently, if you won’t arrange them correctly they will occupy more space. In a warehouse you have to shift a number of items on a regular basis, this can be difficult if done manually and also consume a lot of energy that will reduce your productivity. The best solution for reducing your efforts and save your energy is Platform trolley, which is also known as hand truck trolley.

How to Choose Right Platform Trolley for you

Most of the time the main purpose of using platform trolley remains the same which is shifting items from one place to another. There may be various needs of a business that should be considered. This is the reason why platform trolleys have a wide set of uses and functionality that increases their importance in business. There is a number of factors that influence it, i.e. nature, weight, shape, size of the product, etc.

A warehouse platform trolley is considered high quality if is constructed with sturdy material that has no sharp edges. Platform trolley comes in various weight segment ranges from 25 kg to 2000 kg. So, you can choose according to your business need. The base of the trolley can be constructed with metal, wood, or abs plastic. Platform trolleys with ABS Plastic base are the customer’s first choice as they are cheap, easy to use, and clean. Long-lasting and strong as compared to other materials. If you want to carry a material that has long lengths, you can choose to add racks to ensure product safety. The size and shape of the wheel depending on the type of surface where the trolley is supposed to be used. If you need to weigh a heavy load, go for a trolley that has wheels constructed with polyurethane material. If your trolley is going to be used on an uneven surface, you should go for a trolley that comes with air-filled pneumatic casters.

There are various type of trolley, have a look

Platform Trolley 150 kg

Platform Trolley 300 kg

Platform Trolley 500 kg

Reputed sellers may offer you a quality product that can enhance your operating experience, helping you to capitalize on your investment.

Benefits of Platform Trolley

Transporting heavy or uneven material by hand seems to be a difficult task but this can be converted into an easy one by using a platform trolley. Most of the trolleys use abs sheets as their surface which is strong and reliable to keep ant type of load on it, no matter how heavy they are. Some of the trolleys have a rubber sheet on their surface which provides extra grip to the material. This is highly beneficial in case you have to carry a slippery material.

The quality platform trolleys are usually made of abs frame, during the process this makes them strong and reliable t use. This means they can lift any type of material regardless of their weight.

Due to the lock system, you can transport materials on slop with extreme ease. Platform trolleys are designed in such a way that they can meet with different business requirement. To make transportation easy for large items, you can add a cage or coat to it. You can buy a good quality platform trolley online at a budget price at EQUAL. If you have questions let us know.