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How Recliner Chair Is Your Leisure Partner

Posted on May 27th, 2021 05:22 PM
recliner easy chair

A Recliner (armchair or sofa) reclines when the owner lowers the chair's back and raises its front. It has a back-rest that can be tilted back, and often a foot-rest that may be extended by means of a lever on the side of the chair, or may extend automatically when the back is reclined. Recliner chairs can be operated by a lever mechanism or manually by the owner. The manual recliner adjustments were done with the help of users push on the arm-rest while leaning back against the back-rest. The owner then uses their body weight to do adjustments to the shape and extends the footrest. Electronic recliner chairs work from an electric motorized system controlled by a handset. You can choose between 1-3 motors, depending on how much movement you required. An electronic recliner chair with 3 motors will be able to adjust the leg-rest, back-rest, and tilt the recliner in space to provide the best seating positions.

Blessing in disguise 

Chairs usually are not comfortable. Our body tends to become tough, we get back pain, and sitting in posture makes our body a rigid structure. When we get up from it, we feel that disguise. The as sore body won't let us forget that, but Recliner is something every human and chair must be proud of it. Adding a recliner to the home may act as a battery saver. People can reflex, can take a min or 2, from that long hours.

Adding comfort to every sitting 

People want an  easy chair in their living room that can give support to both their comfort and health. This type of adjustable chair can be the best addition to your interior design for many reasons that are of high worth and have a variety of features that can help you realize just how good a reclining chair could be. People also use it for their health issues that back pain as well as pain in the legs which are common issues in every old age people. Young people also use it for their comfort and satisfaction. People also enjoy their favorite shows, sports, news, etc. by sitting on a comfortable chair.

Provides different sitting positionsIf you use a wheelchair then you know that sitting in the same position all day, how painful for your body, leaves you with unwanted aches and pains. Recliner chairs allow you to comfortably lay or sit in a variety of positions, without having to move from the chair.

Reduced risk of pressure sores: Staying in the same seated or lying position for a long period of time can lead to pressure sores, which can be enormously painful and take a long time to heal with risks of infections. A recliner chair provides the option to change your position, taking pressure off different parts of your body. This reduces the risk of developing pressure sores and will be comfortable for your body.


Made-to-measure for the perfect fit: Recliner chairs can be built to fit the exact dimensions of your body, ensure the most comfortable position for you at all times. For example, the ideal chair should allow you to sit with your feet flat on the floor, with legs at a 90-degree angle. Armrests should support your arms below the elbow comfortably, with a supportive but soft cushion. These factors can be important to ensure that your chair is comfortable for you while sitting and relaxing, and made-to-measure riser recliners guarantee you’ll have the right size for you.


Improved circulation: People with mobility problems can find it hard to keep their bodies moving, which can often lead to several health problems that include poor circulation in the limbs. Recliner chairs provide the ability to move from one position to another at the touch of a button which ensures that your joints and body can do the adjustment of positions comfortably to improve the circulation to your body.


Aids standing and sitting: Recliner chairs are designed to give support to you in standing up and sitting down. This can be very useful to those having disabilities or mobility issues, wherein this seemingly easy task can cause great difficulty and discomfort. Our recliner chairs are designed for your comfort, lift you safely into standing and lower you into a seating position at the touch of a button.


Leisure we call desire, and recliners never fail in it, be either theatre or home recliner should be part of it because the most we can do is hard work and getting lethargic in it, not affordable. In my point of view, there should be recliners in every house and office. With Experience of 20+ years, EQUAL provides high-quality Recliner Chairs all over India at the best price. Equal provides the different types of Recliner Chairs with different designs, good fabrics, and high quality to improve the comfort level of occupants.