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Hand Truck – The Most Useful Industrial Equipment

Posted on December 12th, 2019 05:09 PM
hand truck trolley

Hand truck is considered to be the most industrial or warehouse tool after aluminium ladder as this helps in warehouse management. It is also known as a platform trolley. It is a kind king of transporting equipment used to move products from one place to another. This can make your lifting and carrying product from one place to another very easy. This can also reduce your effort of moving.

What Kind Of Industries Uses Platform Trolley

When you’re selecting a heavy duty hand trolley, it’s important to make sure that you just opt for the correct one for your business. If the right one isn't chosen, a heavy duty platform trolley ill-suited for its purpose is more likely to degrade over time or, worse, suffer a ruinous failure. That’s why here at EQUAL, we do our best to assist our shoppers to select the most appropriate heavy duty trolley for their desires.

You should continuously keep your business in mind and select the correct one, accordingly. Here are just a few of the industries that use industrial trolley every day.


Platform trolleys, also known as warehouse trolley are incredibly helpful for shelf stacking machines because of their load capacity. These trolleys are specifically designed to handle the heaviest loads, with the trolley we tend to stock boasting load capacities from 25kg to 500kg. Platform trolleys are also ideally equipped to handle shock loading – common in a warehouse setting wherever weight is probably going to be dropped onto a cart from a height. This industry often uses a four-wheel trolley due to its load capacity.


Hospitality is another place where platform trolley is used frequently. There is numerous type of trolley used in hospitality to serve various purposes. Everyone is familiar with luggage trolleys at transport terminals like airports or seaports, or in the entrance hall of hotels. They frequently make use of spring-loaded heavy duty trolley because of their ability to limit vibration, particularly when traveling over rough surfaces. This makes them ideal for handling fragile items of baggage without worrying about them being broken in transit and enabling individuals to avoid mishaps before and after their vacation.


In several industries, speed is the key essence. That’s why Industrial Hand Truck is often employed by industries because of their ability to hold bulky loads. Foldable platform trolley is specially engineered to handle significant loads for extended periods of time, ready to travel at speeds. With the assistance of those castors, businesses can keep moving efficiently.


Those working in the catering business are typically functioning at extreme temperatures or in wetter than normal environments, like hot and steamy kitchens or shiver-inducing freezers. This may usually have an unwanted impact on a trolley. With a heavy-duty platform trolley designed to handle tough environments like these, such as high-temperature heavy duty trolley or corrosion-resistant trolley made of ABS, customers’ meals are invariably delivered on time.

Common Types Of Platform Trolley

Platform Trolley 150 kg

Platform Trolley 300 kg

Platform Trolley 500 kg

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the platform trolley and its appropriate type for you. Our experts are ready to assist you.

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