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Factors You Should Know Before Buying Platform Trolley

Posted on November 11th, 2020 02:48 PM
Warehouse Platform Trolley

There is various equipment that is necessary for any industry. Whether it is a posh machine or simple load-carrying equipment you would like all of them to work to supply the utmost output. Here we will take the instance of one such sort of tool that's utilized in the industry. The equipment that we are going to discuss is simple load-carrying equipment. It is a platform trolley that we are going to be discussed and what are the factors that we should always check before buying them.

Platform trolley is one of the foremost popular material handling equipment to carry items from one place to another. It is mainly utilized in factories, industries, and warehouses, it reduces the manual effort of the workers to a greater extent. It is also referred to as a warehouse trolley.


Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Platform Trolley

Are you pondering on what do you have to check out once you are about to buy a platform trolley for your industry? Here are some simple points explained briefly.


Load Capacity

If there is anything that you should check first it would be the load capacity of the platform trolley. Industrial warehouse trolleys have different load capacities. These are useful for transporting lightweight to medium size items while others are used for transporting heavyweight items and goods.

How much capacity do you need for your industry? What is their average weight?


Compatible With Indoor And Outdoor Use

Do you need to use your platform trolleys for both indoor and outdoor purposes? If yes, then for outdoor use you need to consider the weather that they're going to put at. Consider the weather and climate in your area like heat, rain, snow, excessive humidity, etc. Most of those factors might trigger rusting just in case the trolley is formed of metal.


Tires Of Platform Trolley

There are different types of tires that you simply can use for your platform trolley. These are – pneumatic tires, solid metal tires, PVC tires, and even foam tires. The pneumatic tires might puncture just in case of excessive load or on the proper surface. Those manufactured from solid metals are good for transporting heavyweight items and may be used on rough surfaces too.



Remember about the corrosion or rusting that we told you about? Platform trolleys are made up of chrome steel, anodized aluminum, and even thermoplastic. Those made from metals can easily provide you with an honest service life if they're shielded from corrosion agents properly like galvanizing or anodizing the outer body. Lately, the utilization of thermoplastic is increasing.


Folding Facility

As we all know that in warehouse space is always an issue. We always work for space optimization, in that case buying a foldable platform trolley can be a good decision.

They do not consume any extra space once they aren't in use. They can be easily folded and kept in your storeroom stacked on top of one another.



Cost is always a factor of consideration, but the product quality should be kept above the price. With the price, you can also consider after-sales service.


Types And Applications of Platform Trolley

Wheel Trolley – These types of trolleys come with 2, 3, 4, and 5 wheel arrangement. This is a general-purpose warehouse trolley that is used for order selection and moving materials throughout a warehouse.


Wire & Basket Trolley - These types of trolleys are ideal for hospitals, retail, or office environments for carting documents and electric items.


Cleaning Cart Trolley - These are used for waste removal and organizing as well as easy access to cleaning products and tools.


Dolly - Used for moving heavy and bulky goods such as furniture, equipment, and tools, etc.


Industrial Trolley - These trolleys are best for a range of applications from collecting goods and moving stock around a warehouse. They can also be used for moving goods from one place to another with ease.


Panel Cart Trolley – These kinds of trolleys are highly useful for moving bulky goods such as timber sheets, plasterboard, and mattresses.


Warehouse Trolley – These are ideal for general warehouse use and moving small to medium sized items around.


Special Purpose Trolley - These include hydraulic jacks, beer keg trolley, garbage trolley, brick trolley, chair trolley, and furniture movers.


Stainless Steel Trolley - These are useful for medical and dentist, hospitals, and food processing areas.


Utility Cart Trolley - Useful for transporting a variety of goods or tools around warehouses.