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Everyone is talking about Telescopic Ladder, Find out why?

Posted on August 26th, 2019 11:35 AM
telescopic ladder

The telescopic ladder is a new fashion in the ladder market and it’s a new multipurpose useful component for places of work in addition to at home. Ladders ease your workload wherein you cannot reach through your hands.

In the online and offline marketplace, there are a variety of ladders brands so one can give you an excellent set of the telescopic ladder, however, now the question comes will they be right for your property or workplace? Are they exactly in first class?

This form of question comes into thoughts for every client who's going to buy this, so for that, I can deliver a proper quantity of information that will help you to pick out a perfect ladder for your use.

“Why telescopic ladders are so popular?”  The main and most thoughtful question we can suppose upon this. When a consumer decides to buy a telescopic ladder he may think large and heavy ladders are of good quality and sturdy. However, that isn't the case for telescopic.

A nicely manufactured ladder that includes EQUAL Telescopic ladder will serve you for the years in each higher manner. They’re compact in length you can store this in corner of your property, and in case you operating indoors or outdoors you may carry this effortlessly.

Where you can Buy Telescopic ladders online

In today’s time of online advertising and marketing world, it’s not a hard task to discover a ladder for our needs, simply undergo Google searches and you may purchase from there. But growing opposition and the absence of quality products in the online marketplace places it isn't that smooth to believe a brand. Manufacturers making telescopic costs too big in numbers and not turning in the product we want. But at EQUAL ONLINE STORE, I'm able to assure you this you'll discover the great quality of ladders at exceptional low-cost prices. Because at EQUAL they rate customer satisfaction at sky high and they don’t want to deliver a terrible experience to a customer. They believe in the theory “Once is a customer is always a customer”. 

Equal’s Telescopic Ladder

Equal aluminum telescopic ladders are the solution for every home and outdoor work because they can easily move and store at any place. You can collapse down into a compact ladder and if you want to extend then it can extend up to 15 ft.

Because of this quality if the telescopic ladder is the perfect choice for engineers and workers. Equal ladders are made from ace quality of aluminum products, it is rustproof and it can load up to 15 kg. 


  • One Button Retraction: Convenience is key! That’s why they have designed this ladder with easy one-button retraction. Simply press down on the thumb buttons and the ladder (completely extended condition) will slide down effortlessly.


  • Safe to Use: No more pinched fingers! The telescoping ladder’s high-quality construction ensures that each section expands and retracts safely. Intelligent locking pins hold the sections in place and prevent sliding, and the ladder will retract smoothly and slowly.


  • Telescope Extension Ladder is perfect for all of your specific needs. Use it to help paint the walls, change the light bulbs, clean the windows, and everything in between.


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These are the bestselling ladder that EQUAL delivered across India, Some other sizes are also you will find at the online store once you visit. Like telescopic ladder 20 ft


Telescopic Ladder Maintenance

Maintenance of telescopic ladder could be very low or we can say it is nothing, just a few lubrication for very satisfactory years of use. If you want a piece of cloth to wipe off the dust, do now not use a horrific piece of fabric.

If your ladder is wet then use a dry cloth or else use a silicon spray as the manufacturer advises in his telescopic ladder user manual.

After the usage of a ladder, you need to maintain those telescopic ladders inside the delivery baggage that is supplied by the manufacturer, those ladders are made for compact places so you can deliver these ladders inside the telescopic ladder bag.

Customers generally tend to have some hesitation about the ladder, they questioned: “Are telescopic ladders dangerous”. It has a simple answer to that, these telescopic ladders are very much secure to use at every location whether it is outside or indoors. But you want to comply with some guidelines which manufacturers describe inside the user manual.

Specifically, while you operate the ladder, always be careful with its position, and make certain stiles are not pressed as it will give your ladder wear and tear.


Question-related to Telescopic Ladder

Q. How to collapse a telescopic ladder or how to use it?

A. Open the strap on the retracted ladder, and position the ladder in the upright form for use. Step on the last rung and hold it, now take out the top rung until you will reach your desired height. “Avoid stepping on the upper rung of the telescopic ladder”


Q. How to repair a telescopic ladder?

A. Overtime use of ladder affect the rungs, the damage could be because of the fall of heavy items on them or if we don’t keep them in a secure place. Do not try to repair by yourself chances are you can damage your ladder compatibly, we would advise you to contact the manufacturer or you can follow their user manual guidelines.


Q. How does a telescopic ladder work?

A. When you purchased a telescopic ladder, first you need to understand its functionality and how this thing processes. Read provided user manual completely to understand fully how it will work. Before starting using you should know all the safety features that will prevent damaging your ladder.

You should also know every locking mechanism is proper. If you have any doubt about using these telescopic we suggest don’t climb up to avoid any kind of accident.