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Different types of Shoe Rack

Posted on September 8th, 2022 02:11 PM
Different types of Shoe Rack

The materials used to make shoe racks include wood, metal, plastic, bamboo, and various designs and sizes. Since wood is easy to blend with any décor, it is the most common option. The type of shoe rack you choose depends on the space you have. You can choose one with a door, one without a door, or one with a sliding door. Racks for shoes come in a variety of styles and types, such as hanging racks, multi-tiered shelves, and bench seats.

Open Shoe Rack

Most shoe racks have open shelves made of wood or metal. There can be grills for shelves in open shoe racks, as well as openings from both the front and the back. You can hang the open shoe rack on the wall or place it on the floor depending on the space. Shoes in an open shoe rack can be easily picked up and worn. The only drawback is that since you need to maintain a neat shoe rack at all times and clean it regularly since the shoes are visible.

Shoe Rack Design With Cubes

Shoes can be organized with cubby storage systems that have designated spaces for each pair. Typical shoe racks are wooden cubes with compartments for storing shoes. You can store heels, flats, and sneakers in the cube shoe organizers. Stacking them together is easy and they are easy to assemble. There are closed and open shoe racks with cubes available.

Shoe Rack Design With a Bench

Space is saved in a stylish way with the multipurpose furniture unit. A shoe rack and bench are a great combination, especially if you have shoes with laces or buckles. A shoe rack consists of a wooden bench with a rack underneath. Make it more comfortable by adding cushions. Alternatively, you can keep a bench beside the shoe rack or use a folding bench.

Pull-Out Modern Shoe Rack Design

A sliding shoe rack mounted on the wall that tilts out or pulls out is most popular today among homeowners. The tilt-out shoe rack is a great addition to contemporary and modern décor. Racks are available with pull-out or tilt-out drawers to accommodate different types of footwear. They are perfect for keeping a lot of shoes off the floor and organising them. A tilted shelf allows for better visibility and better display of the shoes. Comparatively, these racks hold more shoes than a regular shoe cabinet. Unlike regular shoe cabinets, tilt-out metal shoe racks (or custom wooden shoe racks) are slimmer and thus perfect for narrow spaces.

Wall-mounted Shoe Rack Design

Designed with metal, wood or plywood, wall-mounted shoe racks keep the floor free. The depth of wall-mounted shelves is the most important factor to consider. It is important that shoes fit perfectly without hanging off the shelf if they are deep enough. Based on where they are located in the house, you can choose sliding doors, closed doors, or even open units. There is no limit to how many shelves you can have.

Revolving Shoe Rack Design

Various types of rotating shoe racks are available in metal, fabric, wood, and acrylic and are designed for displaying shoes in an organized manner. Shoe racks that revolve make picking up and storing shoes easier. Rotating shoe racks should be able to hold heavy shoes as well. Revolving shoe racks come in a variety of sizes. For only four to six pairs of shoes, choose a small shoe rack for the closet or a six to eight-tier rack on the floor. 

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