Best Aluminium Ladder from EQUAL

Posted on October 24th, 2019 04:57 PM
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EQUAL is one of the leading brands in India for industrial products and tool manufacturing. We have a wide range of products including weighing scales, weighbridges, aluminium ladders, platform trolleys, recliners, etc. We have a wide variety of ladders to serve throughout India and outside. Today we are representing our best ladders so that you can from them according to your use. These products are designed to meet a wide range of customers.

Types of EQUAL Aluminium Ladders

  1. Multipurpose Ladder

  2. Scaffolding Ladder

  3. Household Ladder

  4. Telescopic Ladder

  5. Industrial Ladder  

Multipurpose Ladder

Multipurpose ladders, as its name, suggests this type of ladders are designed to perform multiple works with one ladder. With this kind of ladder, you can perform a number of activities like changing a bulb, trimming trees, painting, cleaning a fan, etc. You can perform every activity with absolute ease. This sort of ladder can accomplish two or more tasks. Most people love this kind of ladder because of its ability to change into various positions to cater to a variety of tasks inside the house or outside. These utile ladders can open into a step ladder position for the rise and are absolutely self-supportable however. They can even be opened into an extended position if you have got to succeed in higher locations – however, you would like to possess some support to lean it against a small amount just like the standard one. Its ability to create the staging for planks or platforms whereas not in use, the ladder is completely closed and kept without any drawback.

Scaffolding Ladder

Scaffolding Ladders are also called extension ladders. It can be useful in reaching high places or heights. However, they need to lean on walls, trees, or any other for support. Usually, this type of ladder has two components – base and fly. The base needs to be placed on the ground, whereas the fly is a movable piece that extends on top, permitting the extension of the ladder to reach even more height. In most of the cases, slippery is completed by using hooks or ropes. Extension ladders are capable of reaching higher places than alternative sorts.

Household Ladder

It is the most common type of ladder used for doing multiple activities for the home like changing the bulbs, hanging the plants, doing painting, cleaning, or any other kind of work at a high place. For all such activities, you need to have a robust and sturdy ladder that can keep you uplifted with complete safety.

EQUAL Household Ladder features anti-skid PVC shoes, which will protect you from skidding when you climb on it. The steps of the ladder are created with non-skid rubber like others, which makes it hassle-free, to use.

Telescopic Ladder

EQUAL Telescopic Ladder is the most trending ladder in the market, especially in India. The reason behind its popularity is its look, use, and portability. You can carry this telescopic ladder with ease and comfort. The space requirement for this ladder is very low compared to other Aluminium ladders in the market which make it unique. It is available in various sizes and segments so that you can choose according to your needs and use. It is a kind of traditional ladder with a modern edge. It is much safer and compact so you can keep it anywhere in a small area. If you are looking for a sturdy, compact, robust, and durable aluminium ladder that can be used on a daily basis, then EQUAL is the right choice. This ladder is right for a home, warehouse, shop, godown, office, etc. 

Industrial Ladder

Industries are the place where you cannot compromise with quality because it can be risky for your employees and you. So here we have a perfect solution for such industries. Our industrial ladder is created with T5-grade aluminium to withstand any condition. It comes with wide steps for a better grip.

EQUAL industrial ladder is supplied with knee guards like other ladders within the list that provides additional safety while working.

With time, aluminium ladders have evolved a lot so that they become typical family equipment nowadays. Whether you have to change tube lights, clean fans, reach high cupboards, or paint the walls, you'll be able to complete various tasks safely and well with ladders.

But as there are many decisions to research, you may get confused while buying a ladder. If so, then scan our “buying guide” to make the right call or choice.