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Are You Afraid About Buying Weighing Scale Online?

Posted on October 29th, 2020 03:55 PM
weighing scale online

It’s a common fear when you are buying any product online first time, and especially in the case of Industrial products such as weighing scale. There is a certain reason behind it. We will consider all the major factors today. It is quite common that we are greeted by a distressed voice on the phone listing off issues related to the weighing machine.

It is found in most of the cases that they have bought a weighing scale online via an eCommerce website but at a cheaper price. Warrantied parts were missing, weighing scales were not calibrated correctly, and the weighing company in question is providing little to no service support.

The calls are usually a desperate plea in hope that the service team will resolve their issues. Unfortunately, in certain cases, it’s not always easy to resolve the problems that arise by buying weighing scale online through the wrong source. Weighing Scales can be recalibrated no problem, but when warrantied parts are missing, it typically involves a rather expensive and enduring solution. Our advice? Buy from an authorized source that can fulfill your requirement and can also solve your issues on regular basis like EQUAL. Our products are not only best in class but also in your budget.


Perks of Buying Through EQUAL

Parts Are Always Included

When you order a weighing scale from EQUAL, you can rest assured that we will include any warrantied parts that go along with the weighing system you’ve purchased. Unlike many other weighing scale companies, we provide 100% transparency on what will be included in your order and what isn’t. That way, when your order is received, you can get right down to business without fumbling over missing parts that could be crucial to the system’s operating success. If in any case something found missing we will ship you that part free of cost. So, you have no need to worry about the product and product parts.


Correctly Calibrate Scale

Another important factor to consider before using a new weighing machine for your business is to ensure its calibration, it must be calibrated properly. We encounter many inquiries from companies that have purchased a cheap weighing scale online and have concerns about the accuracy of its readings. When we show up for inspection, we typically end up being the bearer of bad news—realizing that their supplier hadn’t properly calibrated their scale before shipping it. The worst part about this case is by the time we discover the issue, the company has been operating under false readings for some time—costing them precious money and in some cases, their hard-earned trust with their consumers.

When you purchasing from EQUAL, you are also purchasing from one of the top weighing scale service and repair centers in India. All our testing equipment is traceable to ISI and ISO and is in compliance with the latest regulatory standards.


Service Support After Purchase

Keep in mind scale calibration and servicing shouldn’t be a one-time engagement; your scales should be regularly calibrated to ensure their accuracy over time. Fortunately, our skilled service team will always be available to assist you, ready at a moment’s notice to test, repair, and to ensure your scales are fit for correct reading.


Price Match

We get it, online shopping is generally cantered around one criterion: price. There’s no denying that comparing multiple sites for the same product and choosing the one with the lowest price is in the best interest of the customer. However, what many fail to realize is that there are some other factors that must be considered like quality, brand, servicing, customer review, etc. EQUAL is one of them which is serving all these facilities to their customers.

EQUAL sells, and services scales for a variety of businesses and industries throughout India. Our scales can be found in industrial settings, retail, food processing, logistics, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, mining, household applications. We also serve the grocery and retail trades directly and offer a complete label service for both stock and custom levels. Contact us today about your weighing solutions and servicing needs.